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Climate Change

Please note that the contact next to the names is how each Luminary indicated they prefer to be contacted.  The phone numbers are for cell (C), home (H) or work (W).  Please click on the Luminary’s names to be linked to his/her story and to find out more about them.

• Climate change and Nurses
Fiona Hanley
(C) 514-917-7346
(H) 514-278-7346
(W) 514-931-8731 ext 1702

• Climate Change & Children's Health Education
Elizabeth Blackburn
(W) 202-564-2192

• Climate Change And Healthy Public Policy: Opportunities For Advocacy
Stephanie Chalupka
(H) 508-839-2139
(W) 508-929-8680

• Global Warming
Kristen Welker-Hood
(C) 713-530-7989
(W) 202-587-5244

• Climate change and health
Della Faulkner
(W) 613-237-2159 ext 230

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